Written by Pastor Jeff Hundley

Lord, Thank you that we can approach you as our Father…who is loving, who is near, who has adopted us into your family because of your grace.

Thank you for being the Father that every last one of us longs for and needs in this life more than anything, but that we don’t always get in this life necessarily.

Thank you for our own fathers who put our needs above their own, who taught us how to face the adversities of this life, who challenged us to break through our own barriers and boundaries, and who modeled for us what it looks like to love and to lead those around us.

I pray for those who may struggle on this day; those who may have lost a Father or those who long to be a father. I pray too for those whose fathers may not have always been there for them in the ways they may have needed, for those whose relationship with either their fathers or with their children may be stretched or strained. God, would you bring restoration and renewal to our relationships in ways only you can?

Thank you for all the men and fathers of The Hallows Church. God, would you encourage these men today, empower these men today? Would you enliven the hearts of these men today to love and to lead their families well?

Would you continue to shape them and refine them into men who represent you well to a watching world, who reflect in bright and beautiful ways the love, grace and patience that you, our God, first extended to us in the gospel?

And would they approach all things with a humble posture — a humble yet confident posture — knowing that your grace is sufficient for them in every situation, trusting you with their lives, their families and their futures.

In Jesus’ name, amen.