The following is an open letter that Jenny, a Hallows member and co-leader of our Fremont Missional Community (MC), asked to share that you may be encouraged like she and her husband, Jordan, have been by seeing God at work through His people.

I am overtaken with emotions as I think about the immense love that God has for me through his hands and feet—the church body. My husband, Jordan, and I recently made a huge commitment to buy a house. In Seattle. Which if you know anything about the Seattle housing market, you know how big of a commitment it is.

We had been renting a lovely home in upper Fremont at an incredible price for the past three years and had found out they were going to be selling it at the end of May. We were conflicted. What do we do—buy in an area that seemed unlikely or continue to rent and possibly have to continue moving even though we feel extremely called to be in this area to continue to serve the city alongside our people at The Hallows?

We bit the bullet, started the house search and somehow managed by God’s grace to find a sweet home just off Phinney, which is about a 30-second drive north of the new Hallows Fremont location. It seemed unlikely our offer would be accepted, but it was. It was an answer to prayers.

No new change is easy though. We had our set backs and complications as we prepared to move into a home that was left in a condition that wasn’t move-in ready. We could have been completely overwhelmed and paralyzed by the heap of things in front of us. But God. But God made a way and provided everything we needed.

Mama Kim spent multiple nights helping us pack in preparation in the weeks leading up to it, and then graciously helped clean our rental after everything was moved out. Our MC (Missional Community) committed their serve week to helping us finish up all the packing. On the actual move-in day over 20 people lovingly showed up early on a precious Saturday which included family and friends, but half of which were our church family. We were able to move everything in less than 3 hours as many hands made light work. The help didn’t stop there, it continued with another MC offering to use their serve day to come and help us finish painting our home, moving branches from our yard, and even providing dinner for us.

I have never felt so supported and loved by a church family. Ever.

This practical service of helping us move made a world of difference and we are so thankful. By showing us love in this way, I have in turn been so thankful for our Creator God who shows His love for his children, provides for us, calms us in the middle of a storm, and never stops loving us.

John 13:34-35 says “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another: just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another. By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.”

Well this has been brought to life for us during this changing season, and it is a testament I can share to those who don’t yet know Jesus for them to witness and hear about His disciples loving one another, and how it is an example of God’s love for all of us. Thank you, family, for sacrificially serving us and bringing to life the love our Savior has for us through you—His hands and feet.


Jenny Kuester

Our Executive Pastor, Bryant, often shares something he read in a leadership book— that people know what we value by what we celebrate. We are thankful Jenny took time to celebrate the sacrificial generosity of her brothers and sisters because it is a timely reminder that as a family of faith, that our service to one another, to the city and the world matters. It speaks. This month we are celebrating all those across each Hallows expression who have given of their time, talent and gifts to serve others in and through our faith family. One way we are doing this is by inviting all those who have served or are currently serving to our Partnership Appreciation Dinner this Saturday. We can all continue to celebrate this inherent value of our community—serving others— by simply extending words of encouragement this month to those you see serving. Let’s be quick to point out evidence of grace in each other’s lives and to follow in their example by serving alongside them.