On December 1, Mark Smith will be joining The Hallows staff as the Minister to Kids and Families. Mark and Amy are well known and loved by many in our community. We are grateful for the Lord’s provision of Mark, and we are excited to see how the Lord will use Him to magnify and multiply the gospel in Seattle and beyond.

Hafa Adai! What an amazing journey it has been on Guam. After prayerfully seeking God’s will and direction for our family’s future, we knew it was clear that God was providing an opportunity to join The Hallows Church again and live in a community of believers in the city of Seattle. In many ways, this is a return home, though Guam’s impact on our hearts and lives will leave a lasting imprint. We are eager and excited to move back early December!
For those we haven’t met yet, we joined The Hallows Church back in 2012. We knew pretty quickly that God was blessing us with a vibrant, friendly and loving church community in Fremont. Over the next few years, we served the church as missional community leaders, Mark played on the worship team, and we had an active role in the collegiate ministry.
In 2014, the church commissioned us overseas to the little island of Guam for Mark to serve as the Children’s Ministry Director at Bayview Church. During our time in Guam, we have been able to minister to kids of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities, while supporting parents as they spiritually form their children. God has grown, equipped, challenged and given us a stronger faith to follow Him wherever He leads.
It is unusual for missionaries to have the privilege of returning back to the church that commissioned them. As a church family, we should rejoice over the ways God grows us and brings us together. It is our desire to partner with parents as they make disciples, share the love of Christ with the lost, and display the Gospel with you throughout Seattle! See you this coming holiday season!
In Christ,
Mark and Amy Smith