Earlier this year we had an opportunity to establish another expression of our church in the north Seattle area. We’d love to give you a brief update on how that recently planted expression has been growing over the course of the year. Our North Seattle Expression Pastor, Jeff Hundley, updates us below on how God has been at work up north.

The Hallows Church did not necessarily envision becoming a multi-expression church when it was originally planted in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle just over 5 years ago, but that’s the way God has been unfolding our story since then.  As a result, we now find ourselves as one church family who gather together in three different expressions across our city (Fremont, West Seattle, North Seattle). 

In February of this year, the North Seattle Expression of The Hallows Church held its first Sunday worship gathering at King’s Schools Schirmer Auditorium, and God has been graciously providing and encouraging us from the outset. Church planting is not easy, especially in a city like Seattle.  It can seem slow.  At times, it can feel frustrating.  Many people must be asked to wear many hats because there is much to do.  But, God has been assembling a team that has been faithful at every turn to do what’s been needed, when it’s been needed and how it’s been needed.  I’m challenged and amazed by the servant hearts God has been fashioning among his people as he builds His church though us.  

Our Kid’s Ministry is expanding rapidly as young families step into community with us.  Please pray for our volunteers as we plan to open an additional classroom in the near term.

Our music ministry team is flourishing under leadership that that we did not seek out but who God brought to us in a timely and unexpected way.  Please give thanks to God for this wonderful provision for our church.  

We have two Missional Communities gathering weekly to learn, grow and serve together.

We have also been making important inroads into the community in various ways as we seek to love and serve our neighbors and neighborhoods well.  We are establishing meaningful partnerships with several local organizations (e.g., Vision House, Nourishing Network, World Concern, and others) and joining them in meeting needs in our community in direct and tangible ways.  
Thank you for your support and encouragement along the way.  It means so much to us to be a part of the larger faith family at The Hallows Church, where we can foster an extended network of relationships across our city, all sharing a common vision, mission and goal of magnifying and multiplying the gospel through Seattle to the end of the earth.

Please continue praying for the North Seattle Expression, that we would patiently trust God with his timing and agenda, rather than our own, and that God would continue to provide opportunities to strategically reach and impact our region with and for the gospel.

Jeff Hundley – Pastor | North Seattle Expression