Have you been around other Hallows Church people when their phone magically dinged at the same time—say around, 9:38 a.m.? Do you know why? Back on February 12, 2017 we walked through Matthew 9:35-10:1 in the sermon “Seeing, Sensing, and Serving.” As we studied together, we observed three things about Jesus: 1. he saw the condition of the lost (harassed in their sin, helpless in their suffering, and hopeless in their separation); 2. he felt compassion for the lost; and 3. he equipped his disciples to care for the lost. In response, we were challenged to be a community that prays for the church and embraces being the church—daily. 

To take these truths to heart and remember to apply them, each of us was challenged to set a daily reminder, alarm or event for 9:38 a.m. (a nod to the passage, of course) to pray this for our church: “Father, open our eyes to see what you see, stir our hearts to feel what you feel, and empower our lives to serve as you serve—in word and deed.” If you’ve already been doing this, you know how helpful and meaningful it has been. If you haven’t, you’re invited to start today! To look back at the sermon resource guide (outline, opening reflections, etc.) or listen to the sermon go to http://www.hallowschurch.org/current-sermon-series/.