Pictured Above: Mary Ann teaching the kids about God's heart for the nations

Pictured Above: Mary Ann teaching the kids about God’s heart for the nations

This past Sunday, we began an intentional focus on global engagement in the Kids Ministry (every 5th Sunday). We talked about what the Bible says about being a people living sent, God’s heart for the nations, and why we as disciples take the command to go seriously. Each 5th Sunday, the Kids Ministry will focus on teaching about missions and a specific country or people group to help our young disciples expand their perspective on the world that God created. We include time focusing on the need for people to go share the message and show the image of God, the redemptive message of God’s love and hope provided through his Son Jesus’s life, death and resurrection, and then we “take a plane” all the way to our focus country/people group. This week we took the plane to Ethiopia since The Hallows Church is partnering with World Vision to help bring clean water to Ethiopian families.

We interviewed two of our elementary-aged kids after the gathering Sunday to see what their take was on this new rhythm designed to help expand our kids hearts for the nations. May their experience and answers help expand ours as well. Here is what they said:

1. What did you guys do in the Hallows Kids Ministry Sunday?

We learned about Ethiopia and about mission work there and that they need clean water to drink and what they eat and what they wear and how they make their food. 

2. Did anything surprise you?

That the kids eat popcorn for a snack like me. That’s pretty cool! 

3. Did anything encourage you? 

I’m glad that people are there helping people to have clean water and that there are Bible schools and people writing the Bible so they can know about God. 

4. Did anything confuse you?

How they make their food.

5. Do you often think of others whom you don’t normally see during your daily life in Seattle?

Sometimes I think about how people don’t have Bibles and that they should.

5. Would you like to learn more about other people groups? Why?

Yes because it is fun to learn about new people and new things!

6. Why do you think it’s helpful to spend time thinking about others and what it’s like to live in their shoes?

So we can begin to learn their language and write a Bible in their language!

7. What does the Bible teach about God’s heart for the nations? What does he want us to do?

God wants us to bring the Word of God, the Bible, to all people!