“This was our 2nd all church retreat with The Hallows and we had looked forward to it all year long! We were still new to the church during the retreat the year before so as “veterans,” we knew what was in store this time—true community. The kind that stays up late sharing pistachios and playing board games. The kind that prays and weeps over struggling newlyweds who aren’t ashamed to confess their weakness. The kind that shares their churros at the dinner table or roasts your marshmallow as you prepare your s’more by the fire. The kind that laughs as you pass them during the human wheelbarrow race or as they listen to an elder rap “ice ice baby.”

True worship. The kind that brings you to tears as you listen to those around you sing praises to their King. The kind that gently convicts as you’re taught from pastors who lead by example and shepherd well. The kind that spends the final hours together in prayer. Acts 2:42 – “They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.” This is what The Hallows retreat is all about.” -Laurie Garcia, West Seattle Expression

We’re ready to announce the location and time for our third annual All-Church Retreat! Start making plans now to join us over Memorial Day weekend 2018 at the beautiful Firs Retreat Center in Bellingham, WA. With a mix of worship through study, music, prayer and fellowship this Memorial Day weekend (May 25-27, 2018) could be one of your most memorable holidays yet. We are excited about the accommodations for all this year—the entire retreat is reserved for The Hallows and the living spaces are closer together and improved for all life stages.  The free time options include use of their game room, basketball and volleyball court, lake games including tubing and inflatables, as well as what fun and beautiful Bellingham offers—restaurants, hiking, indoor kid play spaces and more. Not to mention, because of the holiday, most of us will have the opportunity to have an extra day of rest or resetting before the work and school week picks back up. Timing, location and purpose couldn’t be better. Save the date and look for registration details soon!