This weekend, several families gathered together at the Gospel & Parenting conference to explore the biblical foundations of parenting. It was an encouraging and refreshing time to be reminded of God’s grace-filled plan for parents. Jessie Heaviland, from The Hallows North Seattle Expression, shares how God was at work in her life this weekend. 

Our family had the opportunity to attend the Gospel and Parenting Paul Tripp event on Saturday. What a day of refreshment it was! We are a homeschooling family with 5 precious kiddos and our days are full, loud, crazy, beautiful and messy. There isn’t a lot of time for parenting brainstorming and this event was a gift to be able to stop, take a breath and remember the beautiful plan God has for our family.

God loves our children so much! Mark and I were brought to tears more than once as we were reminded that as parents, we are ambassadors of God’s grace to our children. Every time we come face to face with our child’s sin, those moments are God doing a beautiful thing by showing us the brokenness and needs of their hearts so we can be a tool of His rescue and transformation. What a perspective change.

God also encouraged us through the conversations we had with other parents who are on this journey and the time we had as a couple to immediately dialogue about what we just heard.

And I have to give a shout out to the volunteers who blessed us by hanging out with the kids all day. Thank you! Stepping in to take care of our precious ones so we can refine our tools to love them well is God at work! Lord, by your grace help us to put into practice what we learned on Saturday. May we surrender our plans and comfort to be ready to see what God is doing in the lives of our children and how we can be a part of it!