The clouds are rolling in, the leaves are changing colors, the air is thick with the dread (and delight) of a constant chance of rain. If you’re like me, you’re smiling. Finally! Break out the rest of your wardrobe…Seattle’s weather is back!

Yet, that’s not the only thing that’s back in town. This past week we were also able to welcome back all of our college students (mainly to our Fremont Expression). With students coming in comes an amazing opportunity to invest in their lives.

Each year, we have a new group of students who come and check our church out. One of the things I hear from them year after year is how they are looking for discipleship, mentoring, and/or *non*-college friends. Makes sense, right? With where they are in life, they are in a natural phase where they are not just welcoming these things, but yearning for them. The question each year, though, is who will intentionally invite them into their lives at The Hallows? Each year we hear from college students that they feel more at home and cared for the *more* other Hallows members reach out to them. But who?

We aren’t looking for people to be perfect or have all the answers. We’re looking for people to seek after Christ right alongside our students, bringing them into your real lives. Worried about your kids running around? That doesn’t disqualify you, it makes you valuable! The same can be said for those who are just out of college, empty-nesters–everyone who has a dynamic relationship with the Lord. *Wherever you are in life, you are qualified because of Christ in you.*

The thing is, college students are also young adults. Sometimes there is a tendency to isolate to their context as a student, only existing in 10 week or semester chunks. But the truth is, they’re young adults! And just like older adults, they benefit tremendously from intentional relationships helping them seek Christ whether that is for short seasons or years.

So do you have a table they can sit at? A coffee shop you like? An hour before or after a Sunday Gathering? Would you consider sharing one of those with our college students? We need your help! Whether you’re in West Seattle, North Seattle, or Fremont, please consider how you can invest, and let me know if you would like to join our efforts.

From an ex-college student who met Christ through that investment,

John Sakanashi
College Minister