A few months ago the men’s ministry of The Hallows Church launched into a new season. In doing so we started a journey of wanting to intentionally challenge men in their aspirations. We want to equip them to become men who live life with a God-centered, gospel-saturated, kingdom-advancing passion, perspective, and purpose.

As our church has grown, it’s the desire of the men’s ministry to be more effective in engaging men across expressions of The Hallows Church. So we’ve worked to develop leaders on-the-ground for each of our expressions, who will serve to coordinate events to rally the men in their context to further develop relationships and grow as disciples. But desiring to maintain unity and continuity in the men’s ministry across expressions, we’ll gather on a quarterly basis to be encouraged and challenged from the scriptures. This is where we began our journey in August.

One of the ways we’ll work to challenge men in their aspirations is by unpacking the acronym “A.S.P.I.R.E.” in our quarterly gathering. We’ll focus on the following areas: 

Attention: watching one’s life and doctrine closely. (1 Tim. 4:16)
Spiritual Formation: nurturing intimacy with and growing into the image of Christ.
Proclamation: becoming gospel fluent—verbally integrating gospel truth into the everyday rhythms of life.
Inspiration: catching and cultivating a God-centered, gospel-saturated, kingdom-advancing vision for one’s life.
Replication: making disciple-making disciples.
Edification: building up the body of Christ.

Our hope and ambition is for men in The Hallows Church to flourish in gospel-saturated relationships and to strive towards the magnification and multiplication of the gospel through our city, to the ends of the earth!

Our next ASPIRE quarterly gathering is December 2, at our West Seattle Expression. We’ll unpack what Spiritual Formation looks like, as we learn how to nurture intimacy with, and growth in, Christ. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to RSVP.