We asked two volunteers from this past Saturday’s Community Serve Day to share their thoughts about what it meant to them to see The Hallows Church community sacrifice time, energy and resources for the good of the community. Michal is a mother of three, an employee at Harborview Hospital, and B. F. Day PTSA volunteer. Jen is a young professional, Hallows Church member, and Minister of Global Engagement. 

“My name is Michal, and I am a proud parent to two B. F. Day students. B. F. Day is the oldest operating school in the city and accordingly, needs regular repairs. Last Saturday, The Hallows Church volunteers showed up on a very hot day and worked tirelessly to spruce up our school in preparation for the new school year. I am talking painting, organizing and cleaning, dusting, wiping, and serious yard work. The volunteers worked for hours. It was actual work but working together made the time pass and the work more enjoyable.

I didn’t recognize most of the volunteers. I don’t believe they have direct ties to the school. Some may not even have children. But there they were, making my kids’ school safe and welcoming! In the Jewish religion, this is referred to as a true mitzvah- a good deed.

Our school is a part of our community. The Hallows Church volunteers are invested and committed to our community’s health and well being. That was clear to our school last Saturday. We could have not gotten half of our goals accomplished without the generosity and giving spirit of the volunteers. Thank you! Thank you for not only making our school look nice, but for supporting us, and inspiring us with acts of kindness and warmth. We appreciate all of you! Next time you walk by B. F. Day and hear kids playing and having fun, please remember you had a little to do with that!” -Michal Inspektor

“One of the greatest things that I got to experience this weekend was people coming together to serve alongside one another for a cause that solely benefitted others. Not only did it give me a sense of satisfaction to get my hands dirty by weeding and mulching a flower bed, painting walls, and cleaning the school grounds in a tangible way, but also to see how much it meant to the administrators at the school and the families that they serve at B.F. Day Elementary.

My primary motivation for going was simply to participate in an activity that we as a community can undertake, but I was far more rewarded by the sense of camaraderie that I felt working together for a common goal. The relationships that we built with each other and those represented by the school and community as a result will last longer than the actual projects that we worked on. This makes me excited to jump into our next serve opportunity.” – Jen Simpson