We looked back together on Christmas Day to celebrate the high and majestic God who became small and near as Immanuel— a name which means God with us! 

On New Year’s Day most people are accustomed to looking forward to what they hope the future will hold making resolutions, casting vision for their homes or careers, setting goals or simply declaring a “reset.”

The beauty of the gospel is that God dwelling with us didn’t end with the birth of Jesus Christ or even on Good Friday when he was crucified. The good news is that God still dwells among us, and He is the one who knows the future, what we need, and how to reset all things. 

So as people encouraged with the reality that God still dwells among us through the Holy Spirit, let us not just look forward but upward this New Year’s Day because through Jesus we have access to God the Father— the One who knows the future, knows what we need, makes all things new, and delights to communicate with his children. 

We even have a unique opportunity as a church to look upward not just forward this Sunday: 24 Hours of Prayer. Would you consider setting aside just 4% (one hour) of your January 1st to pray on behalf of The Hallows Church and for the gospel work happening through Seattle to the ends of the earth this next year? We hope to have the entire day filled with prayer regardless of where the prayer is occurring. You can sign up for a block of time here, and we will email you a reminder of your designated time (pacific time zone) and a prayer guide to help lead you through the hour later this week. (If you are in a different time zone, you may want to help us fill the early morning hours with prayer since it may not be quite as early/late for you).