Access the Advent Devotional by clicking the image above

Access the Advent Devotional by clicking the image above

Dear Hallows Family,

The word advent literally means ‘coming.’ The season of Advent provides us with an intentional time frame to focus our minds’ attention and hearts’ affections upon the ‘comings’ of our King.

Together, we reflect first upon Christ’s arrival in Bethlehem. We consider how the Incarnation reveals the humility of the holy One. As we do so, we then gladly grow in the downward trajectory of daily discipleship. In Christ’s kingdom, the way up is always down for the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve and to give His life as a ransom for many (Mk. 10:45). Jesus came to serve us by saving us. His humility ignites our humility. As we find ourselves being served by the Holy One, we more eagerly seek to serve those around us. Jesus said, “For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.”  

Together, we also focus our faith upon the inevitability of Christ’s return. We look forward to the day when Christ comes again to finish His work of making all things new. Jesus first came as the Suffering Servant to secure our salvation through the service of His life, death, and resurrection. Nevertheless, He will return as the conquering King to settle our salvation once and for all. As we reflect upon the two ‘comings’ of our King, we will find our lives increasingly adorned with humility and hope in the here and now.

This book is divided into four sections to correspond with the traditional themes of advent: hope, peace, joy, and love. Each section of this booklet includes daily Scripture readings and songs that can be used in your personal or family times of worship. Perhaps you can use this booklet to start a new in-home tradition of gathering, singing, and worshiping together. We pray this resource serves you, your family, and your friends well!

You are loved, Church!