As a young man with a new wife and no kids, I’ve been watching you – the parents – since I stepped into The Hallows Church as a young single collegiate.

A wise man once told me that discipleship is caught, not taught, that it is done in the context and in the reality of our day-to-day lives.

This past Sunday our Hallows Church family had the joy of participating together in the dedication of 11 new babies and toddlers in our community. It’s a time that we intentionally prayed for and encouraged our parents who are committing to be loving, responsible stewards of the gospel in their families by the grace of God. As a faith family, we all committed to pray for these children and to participate in their discipleship alongside the parents.  

To these parents and to the other parents that make up a very large portion of our family I want to say a couple things.

First off – yes. We, the non-parents, see these children and commit to pray and participate in their discipleship and in their lives. I can say that confidently because we are graced with a beautiful example of how to do it – you.

Which leads me to the second thing. Thank you. Seriously, thank you. Thank you for the way each of you loves and leads your children. From the single parents, to the one half at home with sick kids so the other can come to church, to both who are volunteering, to the ones attentively hearing and responding to the word – thank you! It is no small thing to be able to continually thank God for the examples of godly parenting that surrounds all of us who aren’t parents ourselves. 

We see the sacrifices you all make. We see the joy you have when you pick up your children. We notice when you aren’t blaming life’s problems on your kids. We hear how you speak of the blessing children are. We see how you are leading them towards the Savior.

We see you, parents. We see the example of what Christ-centered parenting looks like. So, yes, with confidence we will rally alongside you and your family. Why? Because we see you, and we will follow you as you follow Christ.


A Fellow Disciple