Where the Spirit Leads: Magnifying and Multiplying the Gospel in Thailand

Having grown up in a family that followed the call of God overseas, I never understood how my parents knew where God was leading. That is until I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to Thailand. Around two years ago, on a walk, I was asking God what His will was for my life. Lying on the side of the road I found a rolled up, brand new, tourist purse from Thailand. I had no idea of the significance of that moment. Throughout the next year this country continuously resurfaced in different ways until it clicked. I knew God wanted me there. I assumed it would be on a church or school mission trip but when that door closed, a new one arose in community development. Within a week of prayer God confirmed this trip in my heart. Although I did not have a clue what to expect, I knew the trip would provide me with an opportunity to serve the lost and share the Gospel.

From the beginning it was clear to me that this would be different from any previous mission experiences. I would be submerged in a in a vastly under-reached context with a team that I had no guarantee would be of faith. For months I prayed that God would give me just one person with whom I could have fellowship. As God had planned, none of the girls on my team were followers of Christ but the orphanage that we stayed at was founded by those who were. After two days of traveling we arrived at the Mae Kok Foundation in Chiang Rai for me to find that one hundred years ago missionaries had come to the area. Those missionaries made disciples and in doing so are still changing lives. What an incredible blessing it was to step onto a scene where God had already been at work.

While we were there, we were able to teach English, paint, reconstruct, and spend time with the children. Most importantly I was able to encourage the “mom” and children to continue to be a beacon of hope in the darkness. What a light they were to my team and I! I have never met more selfless, hardworking, loving, and joyful people. The adults have given up everything to provide the children with a chance. A chance of not being in abusive situations, a chance of not being sold into slavery, a chance at education, a chance to know God and grow in a home which is the best example of the body of Christ I have ever seen.