Fremont Expression Building Purchase

Mar 19, 2021

H3 Fundraising Initiative

Since planting The Hallows Church in 2012, we have wanted to establish a centralized hub for worship and mission in our original target area of Fremont/Wallingford. We spent our first six years in a low-cost rental agreement with Fremont Baptist Church. Not being allowed to plug into their systems, we had to set up and breakdown each week. Our gathering times were also limited to Sunday evenings. Yet, the Lord used those six years to establish our presence in the city. We baptized new disciples every year, planted an autonomous church, commissioned missionaries to unreached people groups, and multiplied into a city-wide network of missional communities along with three gathering expressions in Fremont, West Seattle, and Edmonds.

Desiring administrative space, improved Kids Ministry conditions, in-gathering hospitality abilities and gathering time flexibility, we moved into Emmanuel Bible Church in 2018. The space and flexibility we gained came at the cost of much higher rent and a more challenging setup/breakdown situation given that we started hosted gatherings in a gym. Still, the Lord used this time to establish a much broader volunteer base and more opportunities for new people to get involved in the life and ministry of our church. We continued to connect with new people and baptized new disciples each year. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic we baptized 9 disciples!

Over the years, however, our desire for a space to call our own has continued to grow. We have explored several properties and purchase possibilities. None of them worked out for one reason or another. Either the price point was too high, condition was too poor, location was too removed, or the utility of the building was too limited. Our threefold criteria of finding a building that was affordable, accessible, and useful was never quite reached. That is, it seems, until now.

Recently, we were presented with an opportunity to purchase a building in service of our church’s worship and ministry efforts. The building is located in the heart of the Wallingford neighborhood at 3701 Burke Ave N. It is the former home of Wallingford Bible Fellowship. You may review general details about the building on Redfin.

After much prayer and seeking counsel from leaders within our church as well as external ministry partners, we believe wisdom warrants initiating a faith-filled fundraising effort to acquire this strategically located property resting in the heart of a historic Seattle neighborhood. To that end, I would like to ask you to prayerfully consider how you might help us acquire the building by giving towards our H3 Fundraising Initiative.

Our H3 Fundraising Initiative consists of three financial mileposts we want to reach in order to steward well this opportunity and acquisition.
H1—Have To

H1 refers to the minimum amount of funds we have to raise in order to purchase the building. H1 requires a 30% down payment plus estimated closing costs and necessary tenant improvements.

H2—Hope For

H2 represents the financial goal we hope to reach in order to purchase the building. Raising our down payment to 50% of the purchase price will reduce the amount of financing required. It will likely lower our mortgage payment to less than what our current lease at Emmanuel Bible Church requires. Reaching this milepost will help free up funds in support of monthly administrative and ministerial endeavors.


H3 reveals the amount of funds needed to raise in order to own the building outright and carry no more debt. Although we will trust and treasure the Lord in every moment of this process, H3 is the moment where we celebrate God’s full provision of this acquisition in the life of our church.

Although a building is just a building, when leveraged for gospel purposes, it becomes so much more. It becomes a type of ground zero where the name of God is hallowed, and the kingdom of God appears on earth as it is in heaven. Our hope is to see more sinners and sufferers discover the difference Jesus makes in all of life. You can help make that happen by praying and giving towards God’s provision in this venture.

Here are four ways you can give:

1. Mail funds designated H3 Building Fund to The Hallows Church at 2020 Maltby Rd., STE 7147, Bothell, WA, 98021

2. Utilize our online giving portal at Choose giving type: H3 Building Fund. Please keep in mind that Pushpay charges processing fees. If possible, utilize one of the other options.

3. Automated Bill Pay through your bank. This is a preferred option because it avoids processing fees.

4. Consider donating stock if your compensation is partially through stock grants or you have appreciated stock and are interested in taking advantages of the tax benefits that come along with doing so. Contact us for more details regarding this option.

By giving towards this earthly acquisition, you are investing in eternal concerns. Thank you for your consideration in partnering with us in this way! For questions, you can email