One church, three expressions

A church is not a place but a people in whom Jesus’ grace finds expression. We have the joy of seeing Jesus express His grace in three unique locations: Fremont, West Seattle, and Edmonds. 


Starting September 12, 2021 we’re offering an in-person worship gathering at each Hallows Expression: Edmonds, Wallingford and West Seattle! To find out which expression is hosting on a particular Sunday and the time, please go to our calendar page.

As we ease back into in-person gatherings amid Covid restrictions, we are rotating our Sunday worship gatherings between our three locations (called expressions).  For more info about in-person Sunday worship gatherings check out our FAQ page. We will also livestream the worship gathering starting at 10:30 a.m. Use the YouTube button on our front page to access it quickly.

On Sundays we . . .

Sing the Gospel 

Singing the gospel serves the soul by stirring and expressing affections for Jesus in response to all He has done, is doing, and will do. In addition to lifting our voices, participants often find themselves lifting their hands as an outward expression of our inward enjoyment of Jesus. 

Moreover, when singing the gospel together, we share a unique moment when we are able to revel in and express the same truths concerning Jesus. No other moment throughout our recurring weeks is like the moment we sing the gospel together. In unison, we declare our shared appreciation for and dependence upon all that God is for us in Jesus.

Each week, our musicians skillfully combine gospel lyrics with creative melodies so we can do just that!

Speak the Gospel

Many people read the Bible to discover how to live life in this world, treating the Bible like a divine instruction manual on morality or a wise resource for cultivating productive life skills. The Bible’s perceived relevance rises or falls with the quality of practical tips found therein, often resulting in an exhausting, insecure hodgepodge of human striving.

The Bible’s ultimate purpose is to draw us into dynamic enjoyment of Jesus. Every passage on every page whispers His name. That’s what we seek to hear every time we open our Bibles on Sundays.  

Speaking the gospel from the Scriptures facilitates a spiritual encounter intended to seize our souls with the beauty of Jesus!

Our beliefs

See the Gospel

The gospel is dramatized before our eyes each Sunday as we partake in the Lord’s Supper or celebrate Baptism.

The Lord’s Supper dramatizes the gospel as followers of Jesus partake of the bread and drink from the cup. The bread signifies the body of Jesus given for us while the the fruit of the vine in the cup signifies the blood Jesus shed for our forgiveness.

Baptism dramatizes the gospel as a person identifies with the crucified, buried, and risen Jesus by being immersed in water.  As the person is lifted out of the water they are encouraged to now live out their new life with Jesus. And all witnesses celebrate the grace of Jesus once again!

What about kids?

Currently, we offer a weekly Family Worship Guide by email to help supplement our children’s discipeship during these strange days, and while we are unable to offer in-person Kids Ministry on Sundays. Kids are welcome to worship with everyone in our gathering space or participate in our gospel-saturated, spiritually-nurturing, and relationally-driven Hallows Kids activities (when they resume).

Hallows Kids

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