College Students

Explore the difference Jesus makes as you transition into life on your own…but don’t do it alone!

We know this is a unique season in which you’re trying to figure out who you are, who your people are and how you can make the most of these years as you prepare for the rest of your life. We are excited to come alongside you as you explore the difference Jesus makes in community, education, career, faith, and identity.

We encourage you to see yourself as we do—as a cherished part of the greater church body—and to connect with those younger and older than you as a regular part of your rhythm. This includes joining us for a Sunday worship gathering, plugging into a Missional Community, using your gifts and talents on a Serve Team and checking out our Men’s and Women’s Ministries. Then supplement these growth opportunities with Young Adult and College Student-specific hangouts and events we plan throughout the year (check the calendar below). If you have questions or would simply like to connect with our Young Adult and College lead, email Peter!




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Young adult and college ministry opportunities

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Junior High & High School Students

We believe in what God has planned for the next generation. So, Hallows Students provides a gospel-saturated, spiritually-nurturing, and relationally-driven ministry approach to 6-12th grade students. 

As a church that is young in years, we are excited to come alongside students aging out of Hallows Kids and stepping into the teen years! We strive to be a safe-haven where students feel free to share their triumphs and failures as we walk through this season of life together exploring the difference Jesus makes in all of life. 

Currently, we are piloting a Hallows Student Bible Study and Fellowship at our Edmonds Expression for 6th-8th graders.  For more info, email the Student Bible Study and Fellowship facilitator, Mary Ann.   

If you have a student in 6th-12th grade, and would like to discuss how we can best support them in their faith at any of our three Expressions and your discipleship at home, Pastor Mark would love to sit down and brainstorm with you over coffee!

Hallows student (6-8th) opportunities

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